Trip to Vayots Dzor

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We invite you to the most popular wine region of Armenia - Vayots Dzor. It is here grows cultivated autochthonous grape sort "Areni Noir", from which most red wines are made. On the way, we will definitely visit the Areni-1 cave, where archaeological excavations were carried out, as a result of which were found a full cycle winery six thousand years old and pots where the wine was kept. Also, on t...


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What to expect

Stop: Khor-Virap monastery

Place: Armenia, Ararat Region, Village of Lusarat

Description: On the territory of Khor Virap, the first thing to do is to see the historical dungeon located inside the chapel of St. Gregory the Illuminator. You can go down a metal staircase, the depth of the dungeon is about 6 meters, the width is about 4.5 meters.

Duration: 40 minutes

Admission is free

Stop: Noravank monastery

Place: Armenia, Vayots Dzor Region

Description: Noravank is one of the most magnificent medieval monuments in Armenia, located in a breathtaking natural surroundings. According to historians, this place was sacred in older times. The Noravank monastery was built in the XIII-XIV centuries on the site of the once existing church. At the beginning of the Christian era, it was one of the recognized religious, educational and political centers. Noravank is also famous for the fact that famous Armenian figures of the Middle Ages lived, worked and were buried here.

Duration: 40 minutes

Admission is free

Stop: Areni-1 cave

Place: Armenia, Vayots Dzor Region

Description: Areni-1 is one of the rare and well-preserved monuments of the late chalcolithic on the territory of Armenia, which not only makes it possible to study the features of the material culture of the 5th-4th millennium BC., but also confirms the 6000-year history of Armenian winemaking. Also, a special place among the finds is taken by a leather "boot", which has become the hallmark of this archaeological monument, and today is exhibited at the National Museum of Armenia in Yerevan. It was discovered in 2008. The boot was filled with straw and grass to maintain its shape, and also had laces that also survived. After analyzing the leather, it was found that the age of the leather shoes from the Areni cave is about 5.5 thousand years, which makes it the oldest leather shoe ever found by archaeologists.

Duration: 40 minutes

The event is paid by the client: approximately the undefined per person

Degustation: Winery "Old Bridge"

Place: Armenia, Vayots Dzor Region

Description: In the winery you will taste: 3 varieties of red wine (medals Mundus vini and Mondial) 1 sort of white wine, grappa and meat platter, three types of cheese, three varieties of olives, dried tomatoes with herbs, in olive oil, fruits, water, mineral water, bread

Type of tasting: Alcohol

Kitchen: Armenian

Place: Restaurant

Duration: 2 hours

The event is paid by the client: approximately the undefined - undefined per person

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