Geghardavank, Garni Temple, Symphony of Stones

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The Region of Kotayk is no exception when it comes to the beauty of landscape and nature. The region has everything to offer, including the assets to take you further back to the pagan past of the country.

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Stop: Geghardavank Monastery

Place: Armenia, Kotayk Region

Description: Only about 45 mins away from Yerevan, Geghardavank Monastery is truly unprecedented. Carved out of the cliff it is located on, the multi-chambered complex is a unique example of the medieval Armenian Christian architecture.

Duration: an hour 20 minutes

The event is included in the price

lunch: Lunch

Description: The lunch with a stunning view of the Geghama mountain range will complete the first half of the day.

Place: Restaurant

Kitchen: Armenian

Duration: an hour 30 minutes

The event is paid by the client: approximately the undefined - undefined per person

Stop: Garni Temple

Place: Armenia, Kotayk Region, Garni village

Description: Your walk in the courtyard of the Garni Temple will take you back almost 2000 years to the times when the locals worshipped multiple gods. The architectural style of the pagan past and the laid-back location will leave you recharged and well-traveled. And go figure! Those beautiful vertical column-like rock formations can be seen from very close!

Duration: 45 minutes

The event is included in the price

Stop: Symphony of Stones in Garni Gorge

Place: Armenia, Kotayk Region, Garni village, road in gorge of Azat river

Description: The journey becomes adventurous with a nice hike to the canyon of the Azat River. The famous Symphony of Stones will surely strike as something you have never seen before. The amazing volcanic-origin rock formations are a brilliant testimony to the tectonically active history of the vicinity.

Duration: an hour 30 minutes

The event is included in the price

Stop: Return to Yerevan

Description: Return to the capital city of Yerevan.

Duration: an hour

The event is included in the price

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  • Traditional armenian lunch
  • Professional guide

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