Sevan, Dilijan, Haghartsin, Goshavank

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One of the most popular destinations for both local and foreign tourists is Sevan, Dilijan. This fact is not accidental at all, as within the framework of the tour one can simultaneously discover the desert, dense forest landscapes of Armenian nature. Our first stop will be in Sevanavank monastery, to reach which we have to climb several dozen steps starting from the peninsula. After getting acqua...

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Stop: Yerevan

Place: Armenia, Yerevan, Republic Square

Description: Starting point

Stop: Lake Sevan

Place: Armenia, Gegharkunik Region, Sevan Lake

Description: Lake Sevan is a wonderful “pearl” of Armenia. Guests from abroad can combine a pleasant holiday on the shores of Sevan surrounded by picturesque mountains with interesting excursions to the ancient historical monuments. It is recommended to visit such cultural attractions as Sevanavank and Hayravank monasteries, as well as the cemetery of the ancient khachkars Noratus. There is a large number of high-quality and inexpensive hotels and guest houses along the coastline of the lake where all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay are offered. Sevan is also famous for delicious trout which is definitely worth trying in local restaurants.

Duration: 10 minutes

Stop: Sevanavank

Place: Armenia, Gegharkunik Region, Sevan, Tsamakaberd Block

Description: Sevanavank is located on the peninsula of Lake Sevan, founded by Gregory the Illuminator in 305. Excavations revealed that this place was inhabited in the Stone and Bronze Ages. According to the inscription on the southern wall of the Church of the Holy Apostles, the expansion and construction of the monastery in the 9th century was organized by the daughter of Ashot I Bagratuni, the founder of the royal house of Bagratuni. The surviving buildings are currently restored and available to anyone who wants to personally see the old monument. Sevanavank is one of the most recognizable historical and cultural sites of Armenia.

Duration: 40 minutes

Admission is free

Stop: Dilijan

Place: Armenia, Tavush Region, Dilijan, Myasnikyan Street

Description: Dilijan is one of the ancient Armenian cities where tourists can find amazing historical sights. Dilijan is also a famous resort city. The air is crystal clear here thanks to the dense mountain forests surrounding the city. Dilijan is considered an important cultural center of the country. The large natural mass surrounding the city has the status of a national park. The age of Dilijan is evidenced by the huge number of historical sites discovered here; there are 32 “open-air monuments” dating back to the Middle Ages and earlier times in the surroundings of the city. A large number of archaeological discoveries have been found in the city. Dilijan is very popular among tourists due to its special, healing climate and clean air. Due to the similarity of natural conditions, the city is sometimes called “Armenian Switzerland”.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop: Haghartsin Monastery

Place: Armenia, Dilijan National Park

Description: Haghartsin Monastery is located among the mountain forests of Tavush province, about 18 km from Dilijan city. There is a beautiful legend about the origin of the name of the monastery. According to it an eagle flew around the dome of the main church during the opening ceremony of the monastery, and that was the reason for calling the sanctuary the monastery of playing (or flying) eagle – Haghartsin (“hagh” means a game while “Artsin” a form of “Artsiv” means eagle in Armenian).

Duration: 40 minutes

Admission is free

Stop: Goshavank Monastery

Place: Armenia, Tavush Region, Village of Gosh

Description: Surrounded with amazing forests and hills Goshavank Monastery is situated in Dilijan resort city. This pearl of Armenian architecture used to be one of the exceptional universities in Middle Ages. Goshavank is a unique monastic complex in its style, it includes all the merits of medieval architecture. It should be noted that the buildings of the monastic complex are in harmony with the luxurious nature of the place.

Duration: 40 minutes

Admission is free

Stop: Yerevan

Place: Armenia, Yerevan, Republic Square

Description: End point of the tour

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