Why we love Yerevan

Ask any resident of Yerevan what Yerevan means and they will immediately tell you the legend of how Noah, after his ark moored to Big Ararat and the peak of Small Ararat appeared from under the water, exclaimed “Yerevats” which means “It appeared”. This is, of course, a joke and, surely enough, Yerevan was not founded by Noah.

The walled town was founded in 782 BC. by Argishti the First, the great king of the powerful state of Urartu and was named Erebuni. This is evidenced by the cuneiform inscription that has survived to this day. The ruins of the Erebuni Fortress on the outskirts of the city have been preserved as well. It was over time that the name Erebuni has changed into Yerevan. So, we have something to be proud of, our city is 29 years older than Rome. Yerevan is mostly located on the Ararat Valley at an altitude of 900-1300 meters above sea level.

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